Low Cost Affordable Mobile Phone With Extra Functionalities



Oppo Renovation offers a large number of features to the user in the form of Dual SIM with Smart Connect Technology. The number of facilities is high, which gives it a distinct advantage over other phones in the market. For example, the text messaging facility with the Smart texting option is an all new feature that is available with this handset. The user can even send and receive messages from their overseas-based friends with the help of the IMAP and the SMS functions. There are a variety of facilities to choose from and they allow the user to enjoy all that the Oppo has to offer in terms of entertainment, communication and web surfing.


Oppo Renovation has an array of facilities like the advanced technology mobile internet package, fast charging facility for the battery of the phone along with the Data cable. It is one of the first phones, which are equipped with the Bluetooth technology for making the wireless internet access much faster. There is a very advanced Dual SIM feature in this mobile which enables you to have two SIM cards in the handset with the ability to switch over easily between the two. The facilities are plenty in this handsets that give it an edge over other leading handsets in the market. This Oppo reno6 5g review will help you to understand in detail about the various facilities that you can enjoy with this device.


The main camera of this gadget is called as the Selfie camera which can be used to take a picture of yourself by just clicking the camera button once you enter the mode. It has a high quality internal flash, which is used to capture the images in the clearest way. This device also features the Wide Color modes which helps to enhance the colors of the image by brightening it up. Ook sound quality is excellent in this gadget, which gives a good quality sound output to your phone call. There is a low battery life in the Oppo reno6 but it has a huge Fast Charging facility and lasts you for a long period of time. oppo reno6 5g


It comes with a stylish body which is made up of rubber that protects the mobile from any wear and tear. You can find the Oppo reno6 5g in different colors like black, red, blue, white, pink and green. The internal memory of this device is expandable up to 2GB, which further increases the memory capacity of this handset. The built in memory of this device is known as the Single 16Mbit / Double 16Mbit. This makes it easy to transfer the data and also upload the same in the internet if required.


There is a special feature of this device, which makes it different from others, which is the OPE-lite technology. This OPE-lite technology is a new technology which has made the Oppo Reactor a unique device. It has a single rear camera with one megapixel and a single front camera with two megapixels. This unique feature makes it an attractive gadget to have. This phone also comes with a fast charging feature, which enables you to use this phone for a longer time.


The Oppo Reactor is available in many colors which include silver gray, black, charcoal gray, copper gray, hot pink, hot purple, rose gold and yellow gold. You can choose any color as per your taste and requirements. You can also have the OPE-lite technology which allows you to upgrade the memory module of this handset. You can get this mobile phone from any of the reputed store as it is not too expensive.

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